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Master Class Textile 5
Pink City Jaipur has been known as the world craft city. Designers in and around the city have been practicing their crafts for many generations.

Mr. Basant Sharma, an expert from Garment Industry, was at Poddar International College to conduct a master class on TEXTILE STUDIES with our students of design department. 

The Master class covered topics like types of fabric, its categorization and explained about forecasting which includes color, shape, drape, fabric surface and print.

Mr Sharma talked about 3 factors of Industry Time (Fabric) – Development, Sampling and Production. He also taught about the properties and understanding of fabric, how and why Pic Glass is used which was found very interesting by students as through Pic Glass, one can count the number of threads in 1 inch.

This workshop helped students to understand and explore their own thinking, understanding conceptual elements, dealing with design problems and challenging logical thinking.

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