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Digital Smart Class Rooms

Our Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, and audience response technology. All classrooms are well equipped with sufficient audio video aid. It provides eminence education to students through better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academics attainment.

Class Room Class Room

Digital Library & Resource Center

We have a well-resourced and spacious library which offers a large collection of national, international books and journals on fashion & interior, Science, Management, IT, Commerce & Arts which are available for students and faculties. The Poddar Group library collection includes more than 12000 books along with latest magazines, reports, subscriptions and other material coming day to day as update in Education Industry. The Library supports the teaching, research and academic needs of the students and other members of the Institute, through books, Journals and other reading material. We also provide audio-visual facilities to students and faculty members within library premises.

NDL: We are also a member of National Digital Library of India – NDL is designed to hold content of any language and provide interface support for leading Indian languages. It is being developed to help students to prepare for entrance and competitive examination, to enable people to learn and prepare from best practices from all over the world and to facilitate researcher to perform interlink exploration from multiple sources.

Library Reading Room Library Library

DELNET – We are a proud member of DELNET (Developing Library network), our objective is to promote resource sharing among the libraries through the development of network of Libraries. It aims to collect, store and disseminate information besides offering computerized services to the users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development.


Poddar group provides state of art laboratories owing to which this group has created a repute of its own in the field of academics and education. Well equipped laboratories with top notch facilities serves as an added boon for the aspirants which helps them in exploring their subjects at a greater depth theoretically as well as practically. We have different category of laboratories:

Studio Garment Construction Lab

Design Clinics

Design Laboratory is a creative laboratory dedicated for teaching design, where the students will transfer the thoughts of their mind and heart to necessary product or document.  These Laboratories helps the students using their creativity to bring ideas to design & creativity. Institute has in place well equipped various Laboratories:

Garment Construction Lab

The Garment Construction labs are equipped with state of art industrial machines to produce garment with industry-ready quality. Special machines for embroideries, piko, rib cutting, over locking, flat locking etc are available for hand on experience and will help to learn core sewing techniques to create any garments and at the same time give a designer’s eye for quality.

Textile Lab

Textile Lab is equipped with various latest equipment to provide practical knowledge to students in the area of dyeing, printing, testing and finishing of textile material. Apart from providing academic knowledge to students, the department extends the services to the apparel industries too.

Metal Lab

Just like a piece of jewelry reflects the wearer’s unique and personal style, it’s chosen manufacturing method is intended to produce a desired signature style. Such styles range from the clean and polished appeal of computer-aided design (CAD) jewelry to the more artisanal lost wax casting method used since ancient times. This Lab is for giving guidance on the manufacturing of Jewellery. The lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment required for a design student to learn the process of Jewellery making.

Design Studio

Design Laboratory is a creative laboratory, where the students will transfer the thoughts of their mind and heart to necessary documents. This Laboratory helps the students using their creativity to bring science to design for society. In addition, it also trains a new generation of designers who combine profound scientific knowledge with creative skills, an entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to anticipate the social dimensions of new technologies.

Fashion Studio

Course disciplines imparting inputs in apparel design & apparel technology; maintain draping labs & Fashion Studio. These labs are stocked with specialized pattern making tables & dress forms. The infrastructure provides an environment that allows the students to rigorously apply and contextualize concepts and processes of realizing garments. These labs are the breeding ground for heightened creativity, unique approach and innovative perspectives in relation to Fashion.

Computer Center

The primary goal of a well-equipped computer lab is to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities of succeeding in their assignments. Our college has 2 high tech Computers Laboratories with more than 100 techno-savvy computers with advance configuration, which are interconnected via high-speed LAN & internet services through wireless connectivity. Through this, they can build their hands on experience and upgrade their learning skills.

BBI Center (Supported by DST, Govt of Rajasthan)

To encourage self-employment/Entrepreneurship amongst students Government of Rajasthan has supported us in the establishment of Incubation Center where we are mentoring and developing students to built their startups.

Conference & Training Room

Our Conference & Training Room is ideal for meetings, seminars and training sessions and is well equipped with built-in data projector, overhead projector, internet services and interactive smart boards.


Our Auditorium is setup with a seating capacity of 400 people and is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, projection screen. The auditorium is also used throughout the year for hosting various events like National and International Conferences, Group Discussions, Mock sessions, seminars, conferences, debates, and cultural activities.


Our cafeteria serves a variety of snacks and meals to the students, staff, and faculty at moderate rates. It provides all type of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages.


The college has its own buses & vans that cover all the main routes of the city. College provides pick up and drop facility to the students residing in the other localities of Jaipur.


The college has separate hostel blocks for Boys and Girls As the college campus is located in center of the city, there are many other comfortable accommodations also available for students nearby the college premises.


A well-equipped gymnasium is available within the campus for students as well as faculty. Physical activity is good for your mental health. Experts believe that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Regular exercise can also boost your self-esteem and help you concentrate, sleep, look and feel better.


These centers help and enrich the student with enthusiasm and spiritual feeling. The student’s performance is improved with positive attitude.


As they say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so Sports plays a vital role in the growth of student. It helps in overall development of the students. We at Poddar give special attention to Sports so that students remain physically fit and healthy.

Poddar participate at a very high level in most inter & intra college competition on district, regional and national level.



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