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Furniture Design

Duration: 6 Months

The aim of this subject is to develop a scientific understanding of furniture, its joinery, to have hands on experience various material possibilities and enhance their creative skills to make scale models, artifacts and accessories for interior spaces. Subject help in design approach and space planning through furniture as elements of design.

Learning Outcome

  • Structure, ergonomics, anthropometry applied to furniture and systems in wood and wood derivatives along with compatible material.
  • Idea generation by designing simple objects like stools, chairs, coffee tables etc.
  • History of English furniture, impact of industrial revolution, art movements in art and furniture.
  • Indian furniture, traditional and colonial.
  • Multiple uses of furniture forms: exploration of wood, metal, glass, plastic, acrylic etc as materials for system design.
  • Furniture terminology, hardware, joinery, fixing detail.
  • Understanding of 2D Auto CAD Software.
Furniture Design 1
Furniture Design 2
Furniture Design 3
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